TPT Conference 2016 in Orlando

My first Teachers Pay Teachers conference was amazing, and I am still trying to process everything I learned…which is difficult since I am still officially on vacation with my family! One of my greatest take-aways was understanding the power of collaboration. I have always loved working with a strong team, but during the last few days I have developed a keen awareness of just how beneficial having a tribe can be. Rachel Lynette has always been one of my favorite teacher-authors, and attending her session on networking was a fantastic opportunity. The TPT team as well as all of the presenters emphasized over and over again how important it was to find your tribe and support one another. I think it was Jen Bengel who reminded me of the quote, “Rising water lifts all boats.” Wow! There are so many aspects of my life that this quote can really apply to, so I made a poster to print out to help me stay focused on this.

{Click on the poster to download a copy}


I had really wanted to meet other school librarians/media specialists while at the conference, but it wasn’t until after the conference ended that I was able to begin connecting with a few. I am excited about my newly formed friendships and can’t wait to see where this journey takes us. What was your greatest take-away from the conference?


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